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Thousands of people use Roofstock to search, make an offer, and and buy rental properties. Here’s why.

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie once said that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate. Today, amidst worries over a possible drawn-out recession and a world economy that seems to be hanging by a thread, real estate remains one of the best and safest investments.

Residential properties tend to generate income year-round because people will always need a place to live. Many businesses come and go, but one thing that usually remains in the market is housing. You can build a rental space that appreciates in value over time, then sell it when the time is right. Or you can develop the property further, continue to lease it, subdivide it, or add parcels to it. Real estate’s flexibility is one of the reasons why it has created millionaires.

All you need is a reliable platform to find the right investment property for you – like Roofstock.

Thousands of people use Roofstock to search, make an offer, and buy rental properties. Here’s why:

What Does Roofstock Do?

Roofstock is a property investment platform assembled by a world-class team of real estate and technology professionals who are committed to a clear mission – to make real estate investing radically accessible, cost-effective, and simple. Roofstock has completed more than $2 billion in completed single-family residence (SFR) transactions in less than four years.

Investors who use Roofstock are covered by the Roofstock Guarantee – a unique 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of closing, plus a guaranteed signed lease on your rent-ready home within 45 days, Roofstock will cover a majority of the market rent for up to a year.

By combining the smartest people in the business with the power of artificial intelligence and the efficiencies of institutional scale, Roofstock is able to build a vibrant, proactive, and cost-effective marketplace for real estate investing – where the transparency of information is only matched by the ease of transaction.

Roofstock lets you invest with the tools, information, and services that you need to be successful. Stay equipped with Roofstock’s proprietary Neighborhood Ratings, comprehensive property certification, industry-leading Roofstock Guarantee, and unrivaled customer service.

How Does Roofstock Work?

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Browsing available properties have never been this easy. Use custom filters to tailor your search in Roofstock’s property database. Search by list price, desired location, desired returns, and more. You may also sign up for alerts and be one of the first to get notified when a matching property becomes available.


Once filtered search results come up, you can review details and learn more about your prospective property investments. Photos of the property, floor plans, 3D models, and even a 3D virtual tour are available to help you make better decisions. Neighborhood Rating and local school scores are included in the information section of each property, as well as interactive tools that help you visualize return and cost estimates.

Local property management options are included so you can take a step back and receive scheduled reports instead of worrying about your investment 24/7. Roofstock also guides you during property inspection and valuation and provides title reports and insurance quotes without the hassle. Should you need to know more information about the property’s current lease, tenant details, and payment history, Roofstock can provide this as well.

Make An Offer

Submitting an offer to a listed real estate in Roofstock is free. When your offer is accepted, Roofstock charges a marketplace fee equal to 0.5% of the contract price or $500, whichever is higher. This fee covers the certification, underwriting, and full-service transaction management services that you get all the way from searching to closing a deal.


Roofstock will help you finalize your partners for lending, insurance, and property management when you’re ready to close the deal. Closing typically takes around 30-45 days, whether you’re paying cash or using financing. Throughout the closing process, rest assured that the service and transaction teams of Roofstock are available to guide you through escrow until the place is officially yours.


Once the real estate is official yours, you can start collecting rental income as soon as you close. Your best-in-class local property manager (you can choose one of Roofstock’s preferred vendors or find your own) handles the day-to-day operations.

What You Can Invest In

real estate properties for sale united states


Take a look at real estate properties that are either newly listed, have reduced prices, or have minimal repairs. Filter search results according to list price, Neighborhood Rating, location, occupancy, year built, and more options to suit your preferences.

Property types available on Roofstock span from a single-family house, duplex, triplex, fourplex, apartment, or condo. Some properties are available for purchase exclusively through Roofstock, while others are curated from local MLS listings (these properties also come with Roofstock’s money back and lease-up guarantees). Before purchasing, you can already estimate how much rental income you can generate from the property because either the current rate or the market rate are displayed outright.

Property Shares

Instead of purchasing a whole property, accredited investors can opt to invest in property shares. Essentially, your personal liability and risk of losses are limited to the percentage share of ownership that you have. The percentage shares that you own represents the percentage share of returns you likewise receive in monthly rental income or capital appreciation should the property be sold.

This means that you get to buy shares of an individual rental home and earn passive income without operating responsibilities since Roofstock will take care of the rest for its investors. This way, you can diversify across multiple homes and locations to see which property earns best for you.


A property portfolio is a collection of investment real estate that has at least two or more rental properties. A single person or group holds the ownership of all the properties in a portfolio and is looking to sell them as a bundle.

View these property portfolios in Roofstock and make an offer based on minimum purchase requirements by the portfolio owner. Compare and contrast individually sold properties to properties in portfolios to assess which investment works best for you.

Use Roofstock to invest in real estate. Sign up for a free Roofstock account here.

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